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Tom and Elke
Tom and Elke

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The Dream Has Been Rekindled At Treehouse Mountain

If there’s one thing that has been consistent throughout our lives, it has been our love of nature and our drive to find more things to do outdoors so we bought some property nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Although we didn’t know the full potential it held at the time, we enjoyed the raw beauty it provided with friends and family by hosting cookouts and camping when our friends wanted to escape the busy city life for a few days.

The dream we had in Costa Rica emerged again after we experienced another total eclipse in 2017. Because we were in the zone of totality, we hired a mariachi band, invited everyone we knew plus some, and opened up our property so that our friends could experience this phenomenon.

It was a spiritual experience having the land filled with people that appreciated the beauty as much as we did. We set out to build a campground but the idea quickly evolved into building a sustainable treehouse resort.

Our dream has continued to evolve and our hope is that Treehouse Mountain Retreat evolves into a sanctuary for people to come together and experience all that nature has to offer so they can leave refreshed and ready to take on the world with a new mind.

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